Implant Loving

to exude the charm of a very strong appeal, making everyone interested, preferably in the association, loved, adored, even if it met the enemy will feel sorry for, and can be used to ease the debt repaid, and the implant of this type will be able to make your partner will not be looking back to another heart, and make your partner will love me to death.
implant authority,This implant is very useful for those who are active, such as leadership, and also especially for career women, in order to be respected, no one dared to brash, can control the people, whether at work or wherever you are.
Implant Enchantmentto add charm and close the deficiency in the body such as the location of the face, back, breast, hips, thighs, calves, legs, arms and lower abdomen, so that although the site is in fact a problem, but with the charm of the implant can be closed and changed into a stunning attraction .
implant femininity,This implant specifically for women due to be installed at any point contained in the pubic / vagina, so it can make your partner becomes infatuated, infatuated, and feeling ultra satisfaction, so addictive and can not be forgotten, and make him feel you are The most severe and will not be able to see the other again.
implant female arousal,This implant will treat and overcome feelings of cold / frigid in a woman, so that would make it a sensitive back and make it easier to achieve orgasm, the vagina will also have a satisfactory appeal and can provide enormous pleasure in both partners as well as to himself.
Beauty implant,to maintain your beauty so that it always seemed ageless, can keep up appearances well into old age.
Eye implant,to be able to conquer anyone with just simply staring at it, this implant will add charm to a tremendous attraction to the beauty of your eyes.
implant hand,debts paid off, for ease in buying and selling activities, sales marketing, commerce, trade, economic problems
implant performance,for athletes to have more ability and who can continue to support the achievement which boasts
implant immunity,for those who want badanya become immune to weapons and firearms, very good for security and law, is also very fitting for self-defense readiness.

lamuran implant / implant liquid,solution for those who do not want the implant is implanted, or for those who fear the implants but want to implant a secure, then the liquid implant is a way out, because it just fitted in a way which dilamurkan as scrubs, with the result and the same efficacy, but need to plated over time which is determined according to the fixing.

loose implant,lamura even this same implant, this implant is the only difference being swallowed by the way, and according to its provisions must be frequently re-plated within their time which is determined
implant house,if you want to create a cool and calm Tentrem home, away from the brawl between the family, making harmony, as well as a home security fortress to avoid theft / robbery and other crimes.
implant place of business,as pelaris to promote your business to increase revenues and fortune abound.
implant vehicle,to keep your vehicle making it safe, avoid accidents and theft, and adds charm to your vehicle.
implant roomto prevent infidelity, make your partner feel at home at home and lazy to go anywhere.
implant binding partner,This implant is able to bind and make the couple can only have sex with us, and locked if it will do to the other, the man jk this implant would make his wife so cold towards the other, even as her pussy locked closed. If the woman, then her husband would instantly be impotent if the affair to the other but remain normal if the wife alone.
implant intelligencespecifically for the students add to the spirit of learning, who wanted his brain to be thin, strong and rote memory, and create a good learning achievement so it's always good to get the lesson.
Of the implant:
please check the map of acupunctureand please check philosophical .. will later see something that's surprisingly ga needles once only made of iron, or even the gold is also made of silver
and also, the initial discovery of the working principle of the implant is in India enshrined in the discussion about the art of Ayurvedic medicine is accidentally orang2 once again sick, then his body possessed of broken stone or thorn in extreme illness and then gradually recover. also evolved into the use of agate and precious stones (diamonds, etc.) into jewelry, but once it is aiming for the treatment.
implant can be inserted so the genie, if it is programmed as shaman
but instead ga jin stand silent in the implant, the genie much at home quietly in the human body:"Under long nails, in the kidney, in dreadlocks, etc."so ultimately, implant work tetep work aja "magnetic vibrations"Jinns are programmed while the shaman is ngacir to and fro in the bodyrevoked at a time when people who
implant die hard reality on the ground prove
"Science is only just being released"= the accumulated knowledge that the perpetrator who acts negative abusing science for the sake of passion
might as well, some die hard because "there are off-forgiven" after the horse's mouth forgiven before he could die, so once again not because
implant  ..
Implant is controversial, and how the implant is actually what it really is.Deed implant material is put something into the body to get something to cover the advantages and disadvantages. Various types of materials can be used, depending on whether the user desires.
Implant wearers usually have some restrictions such as not eating some certain materials such as horn banana, banana gold, should not pass under the clothesline and others, depending on the type of implant is used.
There are various types of implants are commonly used: -o Implant Goldo Implant Silvero Implant iron / steelImplant o Mercuryo Implant Diamondso Implant diamondo pearl Implanto Implant buckshot / slugo Implant glutinous rice / riceo Implant woodo Implant of certain parts of animalso Etc., as innovation and invention / creation of new creations.
Benefits of Implant:
• The user believes that the implant implant it will help them become more beautiful, growing bold, increasingly given, the more sweet, and others employed by the implant.
• Implant as well as in pusaka2 magic, which can give a certain effect to its owner, so wear the implant approximately the same as the prestige of the heritage property.
• Historically, implants used mostly the sons of nobles to enhance their prestige in certain circles. So that the initial knowledge of the implant is a very secret at all for exclusive consumption.
• Implant able to cover deficiencies in our bodies without physical merobah. Even the appearance of weakness proved something of organs such as disabled, even with the implant can be made into very attractive. Shortage changed into excess.
• Implant, capable of inflicting the spirit back in the husband and wife who are not passionate about, so as to prevent cheating.
• Implant is able to treat the problem of frigidity / chills and loss of sexual desire in a woman.
• Implant in a certain way is also able to overcome the problem of impotence for men
• Implant is also able to make the skin become more elastic appearance and prevent aging, wrinkles, and bone weakness.
• The placement of the implant in a professional manner as well as in the practice of acupuncture, which is a healing energy and support the alignment of forces related to the energy centers in the body. Subfokus implant technique is actually a reflection of the knowledge and acupuncture.
• In addition to benefits for the authority, and also his supernatural powers / invulnerability, the implant is able also to open the third eye, so it can see things invisible to the eye.
Implant Weakness• User implant had to comply with abstinence-specific bans. If violated taboos, the implant that will come out by itself and become tasteless.
• Implant is forced to be discarded, should be put on by the implant, or in ways that are taught.
Implant banAmong the food taboos implant users (depending on the type of implant.)• Pumpkin water• Banana Horn• Banana gold• Sate skewers• Heart of bananas.• Etc., which has put as directed.
Between acts that become taboo implant users (depending on the type of implant.)• Through the clothesline clothing• With under stairs / home• Through the bottom of the tree Moringa• The throw pillows• Drinking water bidder.

Installation of Implant:There are several ways the installation of implants in general and specificallyFirst, by way of disusukkan / planted on certain body parts.Secondly, by way of the slack, namely ditelankan or drink.And there is also a magical way, the implant piranti2 magical and mysterious entry gets the desired body. This can only be carried out by properly qualified mereka2 who have been in the field of implant. This practice is similar to carrying out witchcraft.
It is by means of powder / gold, diamonds, diamonds, pearls, etc..Implant installation site.- Between two eyebrows- In the face cheeks- The chin / lip angle- Neck- Bottom left and right chest / breast.- The back side to side- Left and right hip- The right arm-left- Left and right palms- Below the navel- Pubic- Right-Left Thigh- Right-Left Calf
Culture ImplantSo far, we know the culture of the implant is popular in Java alone,Yet another party area is also very familiar with this culture.Implant among the Malay.
Ethnic Malay first, use of implant materials and bunga2an rempah2An example of that; pepper, cilantro, onions, flower ylang, jasmine, rose, etc.Even among the ethnic Malay in Medan is very familiar with gold water means the implant philtre, which includes liquid from the implant to lamuran.
Implant in eastern IndonesiaWe've heard of black pearls. This black pearl when used as a powder and the powder and then swallowed, believed to be able to restore and increase a man's virility. In other words as a means of treatment of impotence and or impotence.